Wake Up a Winner

Don’t sabotage your success. Look in the mirror and smile. You will see someone else who thinks you are great…

0 5 Reasons Girlfriends Getaway Will Help You De-Stress

As responsibilities pile on, having “me” time is important to one’s health. It helps to know you are not alone. Sisters and Friends Getaway on Martha’s Vineyard hosts women friends and strangers from around the country for a…

Five Tips to a Getaway Stress-buster


Cleanse your mind from the barrage of prescriptions for being up when you want to relax, being on when you want to be off and being Beyonce, Hallie or Mary J when you love being you! Women want way to beat the stress of having more and less people they want to share it with or having less and more people counting on them to give it up. My recommendation is to let go! Venture out alone to get a fresh perspective and learn that being you is okay. Cleanse…